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About us.

We are a company active in the innovation sectors and creative activities located in Blackburn, England and Italy, through a partnership with an Association, Futuro Italia, and other partners.
We’ve won a some important awards and we engaged to developing the strategic projects and programs for valorization and promotion of products, geographic areas and nations and to sustain economic and commercial relaunch.
We normaly develop innovative products and formats and we are specialized in design and communications.


ITALY IDENTITY was built and has ambition to become the world largest italian lifestyle portal.

Our aim is to empower the world’s decisions around Italy and italian lifestyle.ITALY IDENTITY was built and has ambition to become the world largest italian lifestyle portal.

Our platforms provide an easy to use but sophisticated online search around the italian destinations, the country, history and culture, taste and cusine, products, events, hotels and restaurants also the mapping of italian restaurants in the world and shops of italian products.

With the depth and clarity of information, they provide to large number of lovers of Italy and italian lifestyle can immediately identify a destination or products or the restaurant preferred.

ITALY IDENTITY supports investors interested in real estate or buying companies.

Absoluitaly is a reference point for foreign companies interested in buying Italian products.

The ITALY IDENTITY business strategy is to focus on organic growth within the Italy advertising market through services offers to the different sectors advertisers seeking to reach the largest audience in the world.


be the reference point that consumers turn first search informations concerning Italy.

provide the most significant and effective exposure of italian brands and services searching from the large part of customers in the world, be the largest source of high quality and high value adding products and tourism packages;

support the italian companies and the italian companies in the world to better approach with the markets and customers.


Created in the 2015 to the specilized operators of the communication and marketing sectors have build a primary promotional and valorized programs for the relaunch of the italian economy and international commerce development.

Develop specifics partnership with the pubblic administractions and companies association of the different sectors of the italian market and also working with the primary companies of the innovations and internet sectors.

Actualy manage and developed the new italian promotional magazine and web platforms to to encourage incoming and sale of Italian products, also, to investment’s attraction in Italy.


Companies of different sectors
Public Administrations


Develop and promove projects and innovative programs for promotion of the international business and cultural exchange.

Developing the start up of the first  brandized commercial chain for hight quality italian products also dedicated expecialy for the chines market.

Manage and promoting build of the first international cultural and linguistic programs destined to primary and secondary schools in the diefferent nations.

Manage the project for build the first international permanent exposition for arts and culturals international experiences in Perugia in the new exposition center.

Promove, with the first italian organization, the basic and advanced master for chef and sommeliers destined to the foreign students and operators of the specific sectors.



We understand the different economies and societies as the specific stones of unique greater building who require to engage all our capacities and resources for obtain the strongest resistance to the world’s economics fluctuations.

Also, is real that is impossible to exist a strong cooperation without specific knowledge of the peoples cultures and their history.

We like to work in the markets with the specific approach finalized to define structured programs and activities focused to increase the potentiality of the different nations and relative economies.

For these motives we research the government organisms and private companies interested to build relationship and development programs who will based for the next greater increase of the different economies and the peoples.

We work in the different markets and different sectors and we checking the specifics forces to aggregate and integrate for facilitate theirs expansion.



A New Era Begins for Italy

We believe that Italy and Italian Lifestyle values are the greater values and they deserve the first level in the world.
We work for these

Team Absoluitaly

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